A smartphone, despite its usefulness, can be a source of distraction to many people. That is why wearing a traditional watch- may it be a mechanical watch or your preferred automatic watch- is so much better from a pure timekeeping standpoint.

But, a watch is more than a mere timekeeping device and in today’s article, I will talk about the different benefits that can be had when wearing a watch.

Makes One Responsible

It is a known fact that time is a finite resource and that is why the expression, ‘time is money’, was created.

That being said, a person that is wearing a wristwatch is one that is responsible for their own time (and the time of the people around them).

For example, they know the importance of being prompt and punctual and if you are late, you have already wasted the other person’s time.

Since a simple glance on a wristwatch will suffice, a person that is wearing one is sure to value time (and is more responsible about it) than those who do not use one.

Comfortable Timepiece

The watch is not only a convenient device to help tell the time but it also a comfortable timepiece as well.

When someone asks you what time it is, whipping out your phone from the pocket may take 3-5 seconds depending on how deep your pocket truly is. Add to that the notion that you might be carrying some stuff on your hands may make the activity impossible. However, that is not a problem with wristwatches.

You see, just a simple flip and glance on your watch is all it takes for you to know what the time is.

Avoid Distractions

One of the main reasons why I do not like using smartphones to tell the time is the fact that you can easily get distracted with it. I am sure that other people share the same sentiment as well.

Since smartphones can pretty much do a lot of things, that also comes with a price. When you whip out your smartphone, instead of finishing what you were doing, you are now preoccupied with a whole different thing.

With a wristwatch, although it can come with other watch complications and added functionality, for the most part, they are not too distracting.

Beacon of Style

Do you wear your smartphone on your sleeve? I am pretty sure you don’t, otherwise, you’re going to look silly. A watch, however, is mandatory if you want to instantly gain some style points.

There are watches that can truly complement what you are wearing and that is why it wins in this regard.

Can Be a Great Gift

Although people will surely love to receive a new and up-to-date smartphone, gifting someone a luxury timepiece from Rolex or Ciga Design is so much better simply because a watch lasts longer than a typical smartphone.

A watch doesn’t require any software or firmware updates just to work at its maximum efficiency. It does, however, require an owner that will love the said device for years to come.