1. Think about the kind of design that you want.

There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia. Do you want to buy a piece with a classic style? Look into dress watches and dive watches. When it comes to unique designs, field watches and sports watches are the front runners. The design you will choose must be something that perfectly complements your personality.

2. Research on the most important details.

List down the watches you want to buy. The next thing you need to do is pay more attention to the details. Check the straps and hour markers, as well as the grittier details like the crystal and bezel. These small aspects are what separates a good timepiece from a great timepiece. Contrast and compare all of the details with one another.

3. Think about watch movements.

If you are already decided on a smartwatch or a digital watch, there is no need to worry about watch movements. While there are plenty of digital watch movements, all of them are typically consistent with performance and quality. However, this is not case when it comes to analog timepieces. Research on quartz, automatic and mechanical movements.

4. Pick the best brand for you.

There are tons of good timepieces, no matter what your budget is. Even if you have a little budget, you can still get quality watches from Casio, as well as mid-range ones from Bulova. Then, there is no arguing quality and performance when it comes to brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex. All of these, including the luxury ones, have their own pros and cons. Make sure to research on everything.

5. Select the functions you need.

Another good way to narrow down your choices is to pick what specific functions you want to get. At some point, you will get overwhelmed with a bunch of complex functions, even if you won’t use even half of them. If you are not yet that familiar with watch functions, do proper research first in order to determine what are the ones worth paying for.