Bill Gates, one of the most prominent billionaires in the world and the founder of Microsoft, said that if your business does not have an internet presence, then you are on the risk of being out of business in the coming years.

Business owners know that having a web development services in this day and age is imperative, especially if they want to get as many customers as possible.

Gone are the days where we rely solely on our brick and mortar shops. Successful entrepreneurs use all avenues to gain customers and provide satisfaction as well.

In this article, I will provide the best steps on how you can become a really good web designer.

It Starts with the Theory

There are many principles of web design that every web designer should know. Fortunately, the reading materials that are needed are already available everywhere; may it be from physical books or online repositories.

Basically, web design theory talks about how a website should be organized. It tells you the rules that you need to follow in order to come up with a website that is fully functional while also maintaining some amazing aesthetics as well.

Expand Your Knowledge by Learning How to Code

Web design encompasses the frontend development of a website. A good web designer also knows the programming languages that are necessary to have a website up and running.

You could find free online courses that teach you the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These three coding languages provide the foundation of creating a website. Once you’ve learned them, you can then start learning more of the advanced stuff like Python, Ruby, PHP, and many more.

Use the Right Tools

When you want to become a real web designer, it is best that you use that right tools for the job. I highly recommend that you use Adobe Photoshop for all of your graphical needs. For prototyping, you can use Mockplus to create design mockups until you can come up with something that you want to go with in the final output.

The reason why you want to start with these tools is that they are robust and comes with many features. It does have a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth-sailing by then.

Learn SEO Basics

Any website can look really good and it might be fully functional. However, without the use of search engine optimization, you will find that all of your hard work will be for nothing since your website will least likely be found by other people. SEO can be easy to learn so be sure to read up.

Test and Retest

Why do you think mockups are important in web design? It is for you to find out what really works out in the end. Therefore, create the habit of testing and retesting until you find the perfect solution.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Although not really focused on the nitty-gritty of web design, this soft skill is still important nonetheless. According to statistics, creative people are more reserved and shy. However, that is not the case when you want to be a highly successful web designer.

Start developing your communication skills by getting free courses on effective communication and by practicing a lot.