For the time you can’t decide on what to eat, the food court rarely fails to provide the solution. Here, Asia Cafe where is Klang Valley’s foremost food court located in Subang Jaya’s most dense commercial centre, SS15. It is nestled in the lively and vibrant area of SS15. Due to its strategic location, this eatery is the go-to place for the college students and office workers nearby to hit their lunch or dinner. This isn’t a restaurant nor a café, instead it is one of the massive and extensive food court in Klang Valley, you can also find a sisha lounge here. Despite the limited selections of sisha flavours, you can also have several middle eastern delicacies.

When you crave variety during mealtimes, head out to Asia Café food court. You will love the ample choice of food available here along the very reasonable price range. Besides, serving a genuine local dishes similar to those found in hawker stalls, what makes food courts in Asia Café super fames is the fact that you get entertained by scrumptious food in an open air concept along with entertainment outlets such as pool tables.

Asia Café food court is designed for the most finicky of eaters. Moreover, it offers a diversity of food and beverages from all over the globe that includes Asia’s, Western, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Korean cuisines. You will have everything here including famed street foods such as takoyaki, rojak, mee rebus, cendol and many more. Once you spot something you want, just simply order, pay, sit down and wait for your meal to arrive. Easy-peasy right? Here we came up with a list of our dearest food court cuisines from here.

Asia Café offering a local dishes such as nasi kandar, which is a steamed rice served with curries and side dishes and Malaysia’s prime dish, the nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is a dish that will affect rice made fragrant with coconut cream and pandan leaves. This dish is a perfect mix of flavours, aromatic rice eaten with fried chicken, chilli paste on the side, slivers of fried anchovies, nuts, cucumber and egg. Whatever your favored taste, this dish is sure to impress with its understated flavors and humble charm. Apart from that, another famed of the cuisines goes to middle eastern cuisines which has been rising in popularity of their huge variety of foods. Hence,it will approach you with their mouthwatering shawarma. Comes with easily identifiable meat,that is slow-roasted on a turning spit, will lending juiciness and tenderness. Added with tart blended of spices that mingles with the smoky and meaty flavour, which once wrapped up in laffa(middle east bread, more likely to pita) with some veggies and sauce creates a little bundle of goodness.

Expect to find a numerous of outdoor seating with oscillating fans providing a gentle breeze ,so don’t miss out on the chance to eat at Asia Café. Besides the cheap foods, they also provide you with delectable foods.