Back in the day, many people believe that before we end the decade, there would be more than 1 billion websites today. Actually, if you make a quick Google Search, that number was actually trumped as we now have more than 2.5 billion websites today (and counting).

What does this mean to you? Well, we now have an awful lot of websites which makes it known that shared hosting will not be an appealing option for people who want to get the best web hosting company out there.

Shared web hosting is where your website will be placed in a particular server along with other websites. Think of this as renting your own apartment in that some apartments would have shared toilets and other shared commodities.

That being said, you are not going to get a pretty good service. If anything, your website will just be launched alongside additional services, but that is the only thing that you are going to write home about.

Since there are billions and billions of websites today, is it time for you to think about getting a dedicated server? After all, dedicated hosting provides you with the best possible service, as well as the best performance to match as well.

In today’s article, I will go over some things you need to know so that you can answer the question, ‘do you need a dedicated server for your website?’

What is a Dedicated Server?

Back in the 90s and the early 2000s, shared web hosting seems to be the go-to standard for people who want to establish an online presence in the form of website creation.

Just for a company to provide people with the means of having their website be visible over the internet is something that people will actually do regardless of whether or not their website will take a performance hit or something.

The reason why shared hosting was quite appealing back then was that it is rather inexpensive and you get to have extra features depending on the web hosting provider you’re going to get.

But, with the proliferation of so many websites nowadays, shared hosting may not be the best option even for casual users. Even more so, business owners would definitely have to think about getting a dedicated server in this day and age.

Has the Best Performance

A dedicated server means that your website will get the best possible performance simply because you have it all to yourself. In real-world analogy, you’re going to get your own house with your own private lot.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider dedicated hosting today:

  • Dedicated Resources- If you get a dedicated hosting plan, gone are the days where you have to worry about bandwidth and storage limits simply because you have the server all to yourself, meaning, the resources are for you to use alone.
  • Improved Security- A dedicated server uses more robust security protocols and measures to make sure that attackers will not get a hold of important information.
  • Search Engine Optimization- Since your website is placed on a dedicated server with no other websites in it, you are assured that you are getting the best performance possible. A fast loading website is a criterion of good SEO.