1. “What are the factors you want to consider when selecting an event venue?”

The best event companies in Malaysia are dedicated to helping clients find the best venues for their special celebrations. This is crucial, since the venue is often the biggest expense, and sets the overall vibe for a. remarkable guest experience. Ask this to the potential event planner to have a feel of her ability to balance venue
with factors such as amenities, policy and capacity.

Look for the following:
– Research skills
– Ability to prioritize
– Attention to detail

2. “How do you deal with irate clients?”

The event planning industry is a stressful one. In order to be successful in this field in the long run, one must be hardworking and patient in dealing with stressful instances. The answer to this question, check if the person has the adaptability and people skills needed to appease demanding, irate clients.

Look for the following:
– Flexibility
Customer service skills
– Stress tolerance

3. “How do you deal with last-minute changes and unexpected situations?

Every event has its own challenges. You may be the most organized a hardworking event planner ever, but you would still encounter unexpected things while working on your event. Prepare yourself of unexpected circumstances such as inclement weather.

Look for the following:
Problem-solving skills
– Resourcefulness
– Communication skills

4. “What are some of the ways you measure event success?”

The key to improvement and successful event is improvement. Ask this question in order to check if the candidate utilizes feedback and to improve your performance .

5. “Have you ever planned several events all at the same time? How did you focus on planning highly-visible, memorable events while juggling the demands of clients?”

Planning memorable, highly-visible events while dealing with the demands of many clients is a difficult task to engage in. Ask this to your potential event planner to find out if she knows how to deal with a stressful workload, without sacrificing quantity.

What to look for in an answer:
– Ability to multitask
Time management skills
– Ability to think on their feet