In theory, when you go hiking, all you need are hiking boots and some clothing that would keep you warm. However, if you consult an expert, you will be reminded of the importance of having appropriate socks, trail map, socks and a reliable GPS tracking device.

Are you familiar with high-quality GPS tracking timepieces? Buying designer watches in Malaysia is different from purchasing GPS watches. Below are three of the best GPS tracking watches in the market today.

1. Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4 is one of the most advanced watches you must consider. It has a reliable, built-in EKG sensor, and a new hiking fitness option. This watch can provide you with calories, active minutes, distance traveled, elevation gained and beats per minute. You will be able to monitor your every step—no data would be left untracked! However, because of battery issues, this watch wouldn’t be able to give you a day’s worth of information. It can only serve you for around 6 hours.

2. Garmin Fenix 5S

Garmin’s accurate GPS tracking features hikers would surely love. Without GPS, its battery life lasts to up to 7 days. With GPS, there is no doubt that this watch model is a game changer, since it can offer people up to 11 hours of data. According to tests done by hikers, after 6 hours of hiking, they can still use its sunrise calculator to plan the following day’s sunrise hike.

3. Suunto 9

The Suunto 9 tester is the most intuitive watch in this list. Just like Garmin, it has an excellent battery life, and it is very easy to use. It also has an intelligent battery mode. Moreover the FusedTrack algorithm functions well with motion sensor and FPS data to monitor where you are, and extend the battery life by lessening GPS power, without sacrificing the accuracy.