Back in the very early days of the Earth, the only way for people to tell the time is to rely on the sun and some dials. Although this is quite inaccurate in terms of telling time, it has been the people’s preferred method back in the day.

Then, in 1868, the first wristwatch was created by a Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe. Not only was this an instant hit as it tells the time, but it is also quite useful because you can wear it on your wrist and do pretty much anything and still have it on.

Although the first iterations of wristwatches are quite simple in terms of its features, nowadays, there are multiple configurations and additional features that will make your watch purchase all the more worthwhile. You can buy mechanical watches that require no battery to start and there are also quartz watches that use a battery and are more accurate at telling the time than the previous watch type.

There are so many gifts that you can give another person, but giving them a watch certainly has more value more than anything else. In today’s article, I will go over the reasons why a watch is probably the best give that you can gift to your loved ones.

It Can Last a Very Long Time

One of the main reasons why giving someone a wristwatch is a perfect gift that you can give them is that it can last for a very long time. In fact, with enough care and maintenance, you can actually buy a watch in your teens and hand them down to your grandkids!

Yes, watches do last for a very long time, but they will require some servicing from time to time to ensure their continuous operation.

It is Timeless

A friend of mine was so happy because he was given a wristwatch from his great grandfather. His great grandfather served in the Vietnam war and for the watch to be able to withstand the rigors of warfare and still functioning to this very day is actually quite impressive.

It Can Suit Multiple Occasions

Okay sure, the person you are gifting a wristwatch to may already be wearing a watch of their own, but is the timepiece they are wearing perfect for certain events, such as a formal event for that matter?

My wife actually gave me my first ever dress watch because most of my watches are either field watches or chronographs. Although it is not really my style, I have to admit that they are quite amazing when I am wearing my formal suit.

It Can Be a Great Memory of You

If you give someone a wristwatch, it can actually help them remember you since a watch is an accessory that people can wear every day.

It Can Help Your Loved Ones Be on Schedule

One of the greatest uses of a wristwatch is to help your loved ones be on schedule. Most watches have an alarm feature which can help people wake up without a problem.